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Classification and function of pipe joints

Subordinate Classification:Industry NewsRelease Time:2021-04-15
There are many kinds of pipe joints. The commonly used pipe joints can be divided into two kinds: hard pipe joints and hose joints.

If in accordance with the connection of the pipe joint and pipe to divide, hard pipe joint has flared type, sleeve type and welding type three, hose joint is mainly a withholding type hose joint.

Pipes and pipe joints in the hydraulic system are also connected in different ways, and the screw-in end of the pipe is the connection thread. The taper thread is tightened by its own vertebrae and sealed by materials such as Teflon. It is mainly used in low and medium pressure hydraulic systems.

Fine thread seals are very good and are often used in high pressure systems, but it requires the use of combined washers or O-rings to seal the end face. Sometimes copper washers are also used. It is suitable for thick-walled pipes where the main components are the joint body, the pipe and the nut. When in use, the joint body is embedded in the target, and the end face is sealed with the gasket mentioned above. Rubber seal is used between the joint body and the pipe, and sometimes spherical seal is used.